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Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

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Thank you for your interest in the Psychology Internship Program at Harbor Homes, Inc. in Nashua, New Hampshire. The internship year may be the most important year of a psychologist’s training, and Harbor Homes provides intensive and generalist professional training that develops an individual’s competence in providing psychological services within an integrated community setting.

Our Doctoral Internship Brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the program.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, HCHWC serves a diverse population with a variety of behavioral health needs. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients through integrated primary care and behavioral health services. Thus, interns at HCHWC may avail themselves of a variety of rich clinical training experiences. Clinical tracks are one year long and include:

  • integrated care,
  • substance use disorder,
  • neuropsychological testing, and
  • traditional outpatient mental health care.

There are also opportunities to specialize in behavioral health interventions for pediatrics, women’s health, and Medication Assisted Treatment for alcohol and opiate disorders, as well as the option of conducting research projects which can lead to dissertation topics for interns and practicum students.

Our 12-month full-time 2,000-hour psychology internship program enrolls three interns annually on August 31st, and is designed to integrate formal academic preparation with comprehensive clinical training. The objective of the clinical training experience is to expose interns to the following:

  • Neuropsychological Testing Track assessing patients with dementia and other brain disorders. Also diagnostic assessment treatment and consultation within a range of treatment modalities (EKG, integrated primary care, for additional mental health, crisis stabilization for substance using patients in recovery).
  • Opportunity to work with specialists in multiple disciplines (e.g. family physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, pharmacists, social workers, nurses, case managers) during the integrated care track.
  • Learn evidence-based behavioral health interventions with patients who are diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder.
  • Implement a variety of theoretical orientations (e.g. cognitive-behavioral, systems, psychodynamic).
  • Work with a diverse developmental patient group (children, adolescents, adults, elderly) and ethnic (rural, urban, Hispanic, African American) populations.

The internship site is located at Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center (HCHWC), which is one of the programs that Harbor Homes operates. HCHWC staff are committed to a high standard of excellence in the service of a mostly low-income, under-served, Medicaid, Medicare and uninsured population, and our unique structure and scope of services has allowed us to continue to fulfill this mission.

Psychologists play an important role at Harbor Homes. At HCHWC, they are highly valued members among the multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that include primary care providers, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, licensed drug and alcohol counselors, and pharmacists.

We provide training for both doctoral interns and psychology practicum students, as well as design treatment programs for our patients at the Wellness Center. HCHWC also provides trainings in the fields of social work, alcohol and drug counseling and psychiatric and primary care nursing.

Application Process


Qualifications: Applicants must be advanced students in good standing in graduate programs in clinical or counseling psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D.). Intern applicants should have completed a minimum of three years of graduate training, completed basic required academic coursework, successfully passed their doctoral comprehensive or qualifying examinations and have the endorsement of their graduate program Director of Training.

General Application and Selection Procedures: The application to the Harbor Homes, Inc Doctoral Internship in Health Psychology consists of a cover letter of interest and a curriculum vitae and two psychological assessment reports which include intelligence testing, with redacted patient information. Harbor Homes, Inc. internship at Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center is listed with the APPIC internship track program; our program participates in the computerized APPIC match. We agree to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from any Intern applicant.

Please complete the application here: https://appic.org/Internships/AAPI. If you are not able to apply through APPIC, you may send your curriculum vitae and cover letter, as well as a letter from your department certifying that you are ready for internship, to: s.vonderheide@nhpartnership.org

After all applications have been screened by our Training Committee, selected applicants will be invited for an onsite interview. Applicants will have the opportunity to meet with several of our faculty, and interviewees are provided lunch. They may have an opportunity to meet current interns and practicum students in order to gain their input regarding their training experience. Interviews provide an opportunity to assess goodness of fit for both Internship program and Intern applicant. 

Stipend & Benefits

Stipend$30,000 paid in 26 biweekly payments.

Insurance Benefits: Harbor Homes, Inc. offers a comprehensive benefits plan for Psychology Interns, which is the same plan available to all full-time employees, including health insurance benefits, dental insurance benefits, and optional life, accident, and disability insurance. Please refer to the Harbor Homes, Inc. benefits summary for more detailed information.

Vacation and Leave: All Harbor Homes, Inc., interns and all employees enjoy a total of 10 paid holidays per year. Additionally, Interns earn 10 vacation days of paid time off, as well as 3 personal days.  The personal days are awarded on the first day of the internship. Interns may also take up to 5 days for continuing education if they choose to seek additional seminars, etc. on their own. They are expected to provide proof of their attendance for such events, and are invited to do a presentation to the other interns about the event they attended. Sick days are also earned each pay period, for a total of up to 10 sick days annually which can also be used for caring for a sick child or other close relative for whom the employee is responsible. Interns may also take sick time for any whole-day medical appointments. There are 3 paid bereavement days for the death of a close family member.

Professional Liability: Interns are covered for their Internship training activities under Harbor Homes, Inc.’s professional liability insurance ($1,000,000.00 per claim and $3,000,000.00 aggregate).

APPIC and APA Accreditation: Harbor Homes, Inc., located at Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center, Psychology Internship Program is listed with APPIC and is applying for APA accreditation on contingency, with anticipated site visit in 2020. The program can be fully accredited following collection of data on the interns, so full accreditation with APA will be pursued following the APA accreditation on contingency. Once the program has APA Accreditation on Contingency, it will be listed as an accredited program by the APA.

Structure of Training

Structure: To allow for a diversified clinical experience, interns participate in four, year-long tracks (integrated primary behavioral care, traditional mental health psychotherapy, substance use disorder treatment, and neuropsychological testing). The internship structure is also designed to allow for some flexibility for each intern to shape their clinical tracks to increase the breadth, depth and diversity of their training. Prior to the start of the internship and through the year, we work with each intern to develop a schedule that is tailored to his or her own unique clinical interests within the core framework of the program. The internship experience is primarily focused on clinical assessment and intervention.

Training Model: This internship program subscribes to a developmental model of training. A developmental model of training and supervision has been suggested (Finklestein and Teichman, 1977, Castle out and Deering, 1994; Castle out and Rice, 1985; Stedman, 1997) in order to facilitate the process of autonomy and professional development. Viewing the internship as a developmental process, the clinical psychologist supervising interns and practicum students individualize training to maximize the progress in transitioning from student to practitioner. Training is personalized and adapted to the trainee’s level of functioning as new professional challenges are encountered.


Click here to download a PDF of our brochure.


Susan Vonderheide, Ph.D., APRN

Director of Clinical Training

Dr. Susan Vonderheide is Director of Clinical Training for the Harbor Homes internship. She oversees the internship program and supervises doctoral interns and practicum students. Dr. Vonderheide received her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, and has worked with adults, adolescents and children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has been licensed in New Hampshire for over 30 years. 

In May 2012, Dr. Vonderheide became a licensed RN after earning her Associate of Science degree in nursing from Rivier University. In May 2014, she completed her Master of Science at Rivier U. to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and passed her Board Certification examination in July 2014 to earn her APRN. This credential allows her to prescribe independently in New Hampshire. She prescribes to her patients at Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center. 

Dr. Vonderheide consults with other local primary care physicians and nurse practitioners for those patients who are in need of medication. She also conducts a part-time private practice specializing in therapy for adults experiencing loss, as well as a testing service for patients seeking bariatric surgery or spinal cord stimulator surgery. She limits her private practice to psychology only, and does not prescribe in this setting. This allows her to continue the experience of working with patients solely in regard to their non-pharmacological behavioral health interventions. However, she does consult on occasion with her patients’ prescribers in order to give advice on the best combination of medication and therapy. As proven with Dr. Vonderheide’s unique educational combination of a long-standing Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and a more recent (2014) additional license of APRN has allowed the interns being supervised a more detailed perspective of the patient’s health concerns as well as which medications are the most helpful. In turn, Dr. Vonderheide is able to expeditiously encourage patients to begin and benefit from the therapeutic interventions that the interns are offering them. The term “warm hand-off” is frequently used to describe the steps taken to ensure a patient’s agreeable compliance and desire for behavioral health treatment by introducing the patient to the intern or other behavioral health provider who can round out their care. 

Lauren Meehan, Psy.D.

Chief Psychologist

Dr. Lauren Meehan is the Chief Psychologist in the Psychology & Integrated Care Internship Program at Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center, where she supervises doctoral interns and practicum students. Dr. Meehan treats children, adolescents, and adults presenting with mood disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma and abuse history, personality disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, and relational problems. She completed her doctoral training at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California, where her training included coursework and fieldwork informed by psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavioral theory, research, and technique. Her clinical work included conducting psychological testing and play therapy in public school districts and providing individual and couples therapy in community mental health, college counseling centers, and hospital settings. In New Hampshire, Dr. Meehan has conducted psychological evaluations in local public schools, and has provided psychotherapy and consultation in community mental health and private practice settings. 

Joan Scanlon, Ph.D.

Psychologist Supervising Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing

Dr. Joan Scanlon was educated at the University of Southern Mississippi for her graduate degrees as well as the McLean Hospital program of Harvard Medical School and a program at Massachusetts General Hospital for her internship and subsequent post-doctoral studies. She has spent over 30 years performing psychological and neuropsychological testing with adults and children and has a resume which reflects this specialty. She accepted the position working with the interns to teach them testing skills and spends one day weekly with them, both demonstrating testing, observing them conduct testing, conducting seminars, individually supervising them, and editing their test reports. Her background allows her to have both the depth and breadth of knowledge in regard to choosing which tests to administer to patients, as well as how to teach the interns the nuances of how to assess how the patient can be accurately diagnosed through their performance on each measure. She also continues to work in private practice conducting psychological testing practice as well as with a contract to provide testing to veterans.

Contact Information

For any additional information that may be required to assist you in the application process, please contact:

Susan Vonderheide, Ph.D, APRN
Psychology and Integrated Primary Care Internship Director
Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center
45 High Street
Nashua, NH 03060
603-821-7769 x 4013

Lauren Meehan, Psy.D., Chief Psychologist
Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center
45 High Street
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 821-7769 x 1269

We are currently in the process of pursuing APA (American Psychological Association) accreditation. To find out what our status, interested persons may check the website; call (202)-336-5979, TTD (202) 336-6123; or email apaaccred@apa.org. Harbor Homes, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to APPIC’s nondiscrimination policies.

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