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Ending Homelessness Fund

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The goal of the Ending Homelessness Fund is to eliminate chronic homelessness in Greater Nashua as quickly as possible. Each calendar year, we must raise necessary funds so that we will be able to continue to provide housing and supportive services for the chronically homeless individuals and families, including our veterans, who have been identified this year.



Not only is it the right thing to do, but providing permanent housing and supportive services to our homeless population actually SAVES money for communities and taxpayers alike.  

It is the best solution for everyone!



Who are the Chronically Homeless?

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They are members of our community who have been homeless continuously for at least a year or have experienced four or more episodes of homelessness during the previous three years.  Often, people who struggle with chronic homelessness have experienced both long periods and multiple episodes of homelessness.  In addition, chronically homeless people have a disabling physical and/or psychiatric condition that prevents them from being economically self-sufficient.


How did the Fund Originate?


Ending homelessness is a goal that has been established at the federal, state, and local levels.  The Interagency Council on Homelessness is the federal body and is comprised of representatives from 19 federal departments and agencies  operating under the direction of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, whose responsibility is directing federal efforts and collaborating with all other groups aimed at ending homelessness throughout the country.

The idea for a fund to help the homeless was one of the goals in the Greater Nashua Continuum of Care Plan of 2004, A Home for Everyone: A Plan for Ending Homelessness in Greater Nashua.  As a result, a group of concerned community members who wanted to eradicate homelessness in the Greater Nashua Area, met with Harbor Homes’ President and CEO, Peter Kelleher, and together they established the Ending Homelessness Fund.


How do we know that such a fund will be successful?


In 2014, the Fund’s first year, Harbor Homes, with the support of its Ending Homelessness Fund, provided permanent housing with supportive services to over 160 individuals, all of the persons identified in the Greater Nashua Area in 2014!  This constitutes a landmark success!   Included in this number are a family of 5, and 36 chronically homeless veterans.  

Then again, in 2015, a total of more than 210 chronically homeless individuals, including families and veterans, have been permanently housed, thanks to the support of the Ending Homelessness Fund.  As a result, there has been a significant drop in the number of people who are chronically homeless in our community.

Moreover, one action – the establishment of more permanent, affordable housing, along with support services that assist clients in not only remaining housed, but also in becoming the most independent, productive and self-sufficient members of the community as possible  – has shown a very strong positive relationship to the reduction in homelessness in general.   Harbor Homes, a member of the Partnership for Successful Living, has been a significant contributor to this effort.


Why do we need to raise funds to support this effort?

Every year, Harbor Homes applies to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a federal grant, without which the agency could not continue to provide permanent housing and critically needed support services to the chronically homeless population in the greater Nashua area.  Applying for the grant is a competitive process, and as government funds continue to shrink, grants are becoming more and more stringent.  In the case of Harbor Homes’ HUD grant, the agency must raise a certain percentage of that grant amount, in order to leverage the total funds provided by the grant.  In other words, the agency is required to raise the funds in order to “unlock” the money awarded by the HUD grant.

In summary, Harbor Homes must raise $200,000 each calendar year in order to receive a $1.9 million grant for its permanent supportive housing program.


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How You Can Help:

  • Donate Online:

Click here  to access the  Donate web page. Enter the information about your donation, including if you want it to be one time or recurring. Be sure to type “EHF” In the Designation section.

  • Donate by Mail:

Mail a check to Harbor Homes, “ATTN: Development Dept.” with “EHF” in the memo.

  • Organize a Presentation or Event:

Speak to a member of the Development Department at Harbor Homes about holding a fundraising event, advocating for EHF, or requesting a speaker for your group:

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